Our client was the beneficiary of a petition made by his U.S. citizen father more than 20 ...

Our client was the beneficiary of a petition made by his U.S. citizen father more than 20 years ago. Finally his priority date had become current and he was eligible to continue. But unfortunately his father had just passed away about two months before, and a death of the petitioner can often render the previous application automatically cancelled. We showed the client that he was still eligible to continue by showing the following USCIS website page to him. 


He was happy with that information. He decided to proceed with his case under 204(l) to obtain his green card even though his main petitioner had recently passed away. Not only did we prepare his immigration package, but we also prepared his letters for F1 to F2B opt out request, USCIS change of venue request from NVC to USCIS, 245(i) unlawful entry evidence, USCIS  early filing date eligibility, etc. He obtained his green card without issue in about 9 months.

Our client had previously received her U-Visa from another organization. When she came to our office she was seeking her final adjustment of status to get her green card. We provided a list of documents for her to gather, and once we submitted her immigration package to USCIS she initially received another temporary work permit, and then shortly afterwards she received her permanent resident card. In this case there were no extra delays, because her package was well prepared just like all of the other packages we prepare. She mentioned that she was very happy now that she was able to finally leave the United States to visit her mom after many years inside the U.S. with her green card in hand.

June 23, 2016

Our client was born in Mexico to a U.S. citizen father more than 70 years ago, but she was never able to obtain  a green card or U.S. citizenship. She had also tried other local organizations for assistance in acquiring her U.S. citizenship for many, many years, but she was never successful. When she came to our office she had now reached full retirement age of 70+ years, but she was unable to receive her retirement benefits because she had never been able to obtain enough U.S. citizenship proof in the past, nor enough evidence to obtain a permanent resident card. When she came to our office she was very frail, depressed, and worried; she said that this problem was seriously effecting her health. So we got started on her case and obtained proof of her lawful entry from manifest entries when she was just 6 months old in 1948. We obtained documents in our research from the national archives. While we were not able to obtain enough proof of her father residing in the U.S. before she was born in 1948 (we needed at least 10 years proof), she was still able to use her lawful entry manifest record from 1948 in order to obtain a permanent resident status based on both that national archives record, and a new petition from her U.S. citizen daughter. This case also had another significant issue based upon the possibility of USCIS determining that she had made a false claim of U.S. citizenship since that was what she had always believed she was her whole life. We prepared her unique package, and after more than 70 years in the U.S. she finally has lawful status. 

Our client had 2 minor children without status...


Our client had previously worked with a lawyer for a petition for a spouse...

We have listed below a few of the many cases that we have worked on in the past. Each of our cases are meticulously prepared and reviewed, so that you will obtain the immigration benefit that you are seeking. Our office works on many different types of immigration cases that would be impossible for many law firms to pursue because of the work required, and in addition the costs/fees would be too high for the clients to afford. Our hard work and knowledge lets us be successful where others have failed.

In a number of cases, we have had clients that have used our service after having difficulty using another lawyer or organization's service. In each case, we put the case back on the right track so that the client could obtain the approval of the immigration benefit that they had been waiting for. But because our reputation is so important to us, we will not take any case that can not get approved. We care more about the client than anything else, and we always will. We've never had a single case where one of our clients was placed into deportation or removal proceedings. Ever. So if you need immigration services for a I-601A waiver, adjustment of status after entry on a visitor visa, or any other type of the numerous and complicated immigration processes, then please contact our office at your convenience. 

Our office received a request from a local law firm on guidance on how to prepare and obtain FOIA and fingerprint information. We provided a very significant amount of information to the local law firm in regards to obtaining several different types of FOIA requests, as well as what kind of information would be shown when the results are sent to the law firm or client.  Please note that not every law firm that handles immigration cases is knowledgeable about this topic.

We offer in house fingerprinting including instantaneous FBI fingerprint results (typically just 5 minutes to receive), and our FOIA catalog is very extensive, so you will be sure to get the results that you need for your case.

Our client had previously tried to enter the U.S. on a visitor visa. However, she was denied entry and given an expedited removal with a 5 year bar. The immigration officer determined that her intent was to come to the U.S. to get married to her U.S. citizen fiance, rather than as a tourist. After the expedited removal at LAX airport she was returned to her native country of Mexico. Her boyfriend came to our office seeking assistance. We immediately helped file a motion to overturn the expedited removal determination with the CBP at LAX airport. The motion was filed very quickly after our client requested this service, because the Dept. of Homeland Security requests that the motion to be filed ASAP after the incident. Preferably within 30 days. Even though our client came to our office approximately 60 days after the problem occurred at LAX airport,  we prepared the motion for our client, and we were successful in our motion to adjust the expedited removal charge to only a "withdrawal of admission" determination. Therefore, this enabled our client to go ahead and get married and receive her green card without having to wait an extra 5 years due to the previous expedited removal 5 year penalty.

Summary of many of our clients:

Summary of our I-601A waiver clients and also adjustment of status cases after lawful on a  visa:

We have numerous clients that have retained our service to successfully obtain I-601A approvals and also adjustment of status after lawful entry. The amount of cases are too numerous to specifically describe here, but if you are seeking this type of service please be reassured  that these are very much commonplace cases in our office that we literally work on everyday.

We work very hard for you.

Our client was previously residing in the U.S. as a minor...

Our client wanted to submit a petition for relative and consular processing for his spouse in Mexico. She was previously living in the United States, but she returned to Mexico shortly before she was 18 1/2 years old. Since she left the U.S. before she was 18 1/2 she never acquired "unlawful presence" in the United States, and thus she did not have either a 3 or 10 year bar. We were able to get her permanent residency approved without issue. We also included documentation and preparation for her interview in respect to possible questions from the immigration officer in regards to an erroneous finding of unlawful presence, due to her previous stay in the United States. On a side note this particular client needed an expedited interview setup, due to a family members murder in Mexico. Our client was in significant danger and we completed an expedited interview request at the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico with an interview date setup in only 2 weeks time.

Our client was very late in applying for a K2 Visa for his daughter...

Our U.S. citizen client wanted to make a petition for his fiance, and his fiance was living .... 

Our client had an initial petition for relative previously approved on her own. However, in order to get her green card, she was seeking a pardon (waiver) for her unlawful entry into the U.S. We provided information to her that she could consider applying for parole in place, because she was the wife of a military member. She decided to pursue the parole in place option, and she received her I-94 admission documents a short time afterward. Now she has decided to use our service to pursue her final adjustment of status. She was very thankful that she would not have to leave the country to complete her lawful resident status.

Our office received a request from a local law firm on guidance on how to prepare & obtain FOIA 

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Our client entered the U.S. as a child, and was now married to a member of the Armed Forces.

Our client had arrived from Cuba and received humanitarian parole upon her entrance into the U.S. When she came to our office she was seeking assistance with both a temporary work permit and eventually a green card. We prepared her packages, and she received her green card without issue. Furthermore we saved her some money, as she was eligible to have some of her USCIS fees waived. 

Our client had an erroneous criminal record, and was applying for naturalization...

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Our client was born in Mexico to a U.S. citizen father more than 70 years ago, but ...

We received a request from a local law firm on guidance on how to prepare a petition for relative and adjustment of status case. When the lawyer came to our office, we thoroughly reviewed the documents he provided, and we provided information, guidance, and numerous corrections to the package that he presented to us. Honestly, the lawyer's package  that was prepared would never have been approved without our assistance as it had extreme and devastating errors throughout. Please note that while some people may hire a lawyer to prepare immigration packages, it does not guarantee that your lawyer knows what they are doing. Technically speaking there is not a single lawyer in Ventura County that has a "specialization" as defined by the California State Bar in immigration and naturalization knowledge. All lawyers that practice immigration law in Ventura County have a general law degree, but not a "specialization" in immigration law as defined by the California State Bar.

Success Stories

Our U.S. citizen client wanted to make a petition for his fiance, and his fiance was living in Mexico. Unfortunately, our U.S. citizen client was previously convicted of a crime, and placed on parole, and was not permitted to leave the U.S. He would break his parole if he were to leave the U.S., and then suffer the consequence of up to 10 years in prison. This presented a problem for his fiance application, as he was not able to obtain evidence of physically meeting his fiance during the last two years which is required by USCIS. We worked on his case and we obtained a waiver of the 2 year physical meeting requirement. These types of  waivers for the 2 year physical meeting requirement  of fiance's are very rarely granted by USCIS, even if the client is severely restricted from departing the U.S. because of mandatory parole sentencing. Our team of writers put an excellent immigration package together for our client and his fiance petition was approved. 

Our client had entered the U.S. under as a Cuban humanitarian parolee... 

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Our  client was born in Mexico to a U.S. citizen mother more than 56 years ago, but ...

Our client had a petition for fiance visa approved, but decided that he also wanted to bring his 20 year old daughter from the Philippines to the United States as well. However, he waited until the last minute to pursue this request (Only 60 days left to apply). We quickly completed the package for the 20 year old daughter before the 1 year window of opportunity expired for her eligibility to come to the United States with a K2 visa, and then adjust status here in the U.S. afterwards. We requested and obtained expedited processing, and she quickly and successfully obtained her visa in time. If we had not completed our last minute request in time, the daughter would have faced the prospect of about a 12 year wait to enter the U.S. under a different family category.

Our client had received her U-Visa, and needed to adjust her status...

Our client had previously worked with a lawyer for a petition for a spouse. The petitioner was a lawful permanent resident who was petitioning his spouse who entered without inspection in 2005. We took over the case and obtained the I-601A provisional waiver and also consular processing. However, the lawyer made a grave mistake on the original petition for relative application by erroneously preparing the applications and creating a serious multiple entry scenario which never even existed. We explained the magnitude of the problem to our client and our client decided to continue to proceed and take the risk of possibly being stuck outside the U.S. for 10 years when attending her interview appointment. We prepared our client for the consular processing interview, including the request that she bring the documents that she had which could help her prove that the lawyer was erroneous when completing her applications previously. Thankfully she passed the interview, and is now a permanent resident.

On this  very same case we also presented evidence that her 26 year old son would still be eligible for a visa as well, because he hadn't aged out of his eligibility to obtain his green card yet. We included documentation for the immigration officer to read that showed that the step-son of a permanent resident card holder will not have  aged out if at least a payment had been made for his previous DS-260 form before he turned 21. At the conclusion of this process, he was also approved for his visa and green card even though he was the derivative  26 year old step-son of a permanent resident card petitioner. Technically only 11 months  were added to the original I-130 priority date to approval time frame, but the previous DS-260 payment and recognition of this fact by the Dept. of State officer is what helped freeze this clients age which resulted in an approval.

We received a request from a local law firm on guidance on how to prepare a petition for ...

Our client had received expedited removal and 5 year bar, when trying to enter the U.S. 

Our client wanted to pursue consular processing for her two children who were minors here in the United States. Since they were minors they never were considered to be in the U.S. as unlawfully present. Therefore no I-601A waiver was necessary, and the two children traveled to Mexico with their U.S. citizen mother to obtain the permanent residency. The received there green cards without issue. Once they entered the U.S. they were then immediately eligible to apply for their U.S. citizenship, and they successfully completed that as well. The U.S. citizen mother was very nervous to take her children to Mexico to complete this process, but she was also so very happy with our work. Her case was successfully completed and her children have now even obtained derivative U.S. citizenship.

Our client was born in Mexico to a U.S. citizen mother more than 56 years ago, but she was never able to obtain  a green card or U.S. citizenship. She had tried other local organizations for assistance in acquiring her U.S. citizenship for many, many years, but she was never successful. When she came to our office in 2017, she had basically lost hope. However, we obtained many hard to find documents for our client including census reports, delayed birth certificates, baptism records, etc. in order to show that the U.S. citizen mother had resided in the U.S. for more than 10 years before our client was even born, which was a requirement in this case. All of the documents required were from 1962 and earlier, and they were not readily available. We prepared our clients paperwork, and she finally received U.S. passport  in just 4 weeks time with the evidence of her acquired U.S. citizenship at birth. After living without any lawful status for over 56 years she was very happy with a big smile on her face when she had her U.S. passport in her hands.

Our client had been in the United States since 1973, and he had no permanent lawful status here in the U.S. until year 2018 after we took over his case. The client only had a temporary resident card (I-688a) from year 1990, and unfortunately he did not have any other proof of entering the U.S. lawfully. However, we brought to his attention the USCIS memo that demonstrated that his temporary green card would be sufficient proof of his admissible reentry, and  he could adjust his status through his son who was a U.S. citizen. We prepared his immigration package and he has now finally obtained his green card after residing in the United States for more than 45 years. He sought other assistance from other organizations previously but they were unable to help him, however our office produced the results by guiding him to the USCIS website memo. (Please see page 4 of the link below describing prima facia proof of inspection and admission that was provided to our client) https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Outreach/Notes%20from%20Previous%20Engagements/2012/November%202012/NBC-AILA-11-30-12.pdf

Our client had been in the United States since 1973 and was not eligible for the registry ... 

Our client had sought our assistance with naturalization/citizenship. We prepared his package, and eventually he attended his interview. While he passed the English and civics questions, it seems that USCIS was asking for some criminal records that showed up on his fingerprint background check. However, the criminal record that USCIS was requesting actually did not belong to our client. Apparently both the FBI and CAL DOJ had erroneously placed someone else's criminal record on our own clients background rap sheet. We contacted several different agencies to gather documents to prove that the criminal record in question was not our client, but instead it was a completely different individual. The records that we obtained were not easily obtainable, and even involved juvenile court records which are typically destroyed after just 5 years time. Regardless, we worked very hard to provide enough evidence to USCIS, FBI, CAL DOJ, and the juvenile authority to correct our clients record. At the conclusion of our service, our client received his naturalization certificate without having to resubmit his petition, nor interview, or English/civics exam. Now he is a U.S. citizen.